Através de desenvolvimento de software personalizados aumente a produtividade da sua empresa e transforme seu negócio com Apollo Solutions.

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Make your computer identify patterns in massive databases and perform predictive analysis with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Utilizamos ferramentas e práticas em nuvem para aumentar a eficiência do desenvolvimento dos seus serviços, melhorando a qualidade e performance das soluções para os clientes.

We have engineers who are experts in algorithm analysis and development that will improve the speed and performance of your programs, making your code work with maximum efficiency.

Assign software-related tasks, jobs, operations, and processes to an external, specialized workforce, reducing costs and enhancing results.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Development

Identify patterns through intelligent algorithms. Perform tasks and make decisions automatically, eliminating the need for direct human work.

Automate processes through videos and images auto visualization using computer vision and artificial intelligence. Deploy custom systems on cameras, servers, or in the cloud.

How can artificial intelligence algorithms help your business?

Computer vision and artificial intelligence usage enhances results, increases productivity, and saves time. Our systems can be effective in various industries to improve performance and process automation.

Apollo Solutions | Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Use technology to your advantage with artificial intelligence and data science

Data science

Business data science is a company's data and information study, allowing the visualization of all views and possibilities regarding a given subject. This science combines Machine Learning and economics to optimize, automate, and accelerate business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

AIs are machines or systems that perform complex tasks by mimicking human intelligence. They are programmed by data scientists and can improve based on the information they collect.


A Apollo oferece uma solução que aumenta a qualidade de produto e reduz os custos do seu negócio​

  • Obtenha melhores resultados.
  • Conte com uma equipe especializada, capacitada e experiente para realizar suas demandas.
  • Reduce IT investments while improving quality.
  • Tenha mais tempo para ficar no seu negócio
  • Uma empresa séria que preza pela satisfação do cliente.

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Frequently asked questions

Each project is unique and personalized, so the project price is calculated by accounting for its scope, data, complexity, domain, and target date.

The investment for a computer vision project varies depending on the size and specifications of the project. However, some solutions can be developed from USD$ 5,000 and may exceed USD$ 80,000.

We use several languages, libraries, and frameworks, such as Tensor Flow, Keras, PCL, OpenCV, Python, C++, Java, CUDA, Pillow, Open3D, AWS, Pandas, and others.

We use Agile and Scrum methodologies to make periodic deliveries, usually weekly or daily, with proximity to the customer for better development agility. The total time of a project varies according to the proportion of demand and the needs of each company.

We manage all projects with confidentiality and exclusivity through a contract with our clients. We do not keep your data after the project, and we can process the data on the platform you choose, following your company's data confidentiality regulations. We develop customized and specific solutions for large companies throughout the world, thus we are familiar with HIPPA and GDPR.

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