Learn how large companies use artificial intelligence – Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft

Increasingly present in companies, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessary investment so that businesses can stand out by working with agility and quality. 

In times when it is necessary to work quickly and in conjunction with technology, those who are still resistant to modernity are left behind. 

Therefore, artificial intelligence is widely used in the most diverse sectors, whether in small companies or billionaires businesses. Bringing many benefits to both businesses and consumers, AI is a trend that is here to stay. 

To understand what it is, and how small and large companies use artificial intelligencee, keep reading.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence works with systems and machines that can replicate human intelligence through programming and interactions. In this way, they imitate the thinking of human beings, solving problems faster. 

The term may still seem related to science fiction movies, but AI is already present in people's lives through chatbots, facial recognition cameras, or recommendation engines. This means that, in one way or another, almost everyone has had contact with one.

How is artificial intelligence used?

Artificial intelligence has been used by several companies – such as Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft – as a competitive advantage. Currently, it is not enough for a company to work well, it must also work quickly, competently, and with a good image. 

Thus, artificial intelligence is used to automate some processes that previously could take hours, either because of their volume or because it is tiring. In addition, AI works better and better over time, collecting more information, and allowing companies to interpret data. 

Another use of AI is in market analysis, which is constantly changing. With the data collected, a company can carry out a preventive study, identify risks and opportunities, and enable strategic decision-making. 

However, a company does not always use AI only for its management. The customer is a fundamental part when having a service experience improved by technology, as when talking to a chatbot and getting accurate and fast answers without having to go through human mediation. 

Who are the professionals who work with artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the future, so businesses need more professionals who know how to work in the area. In addition, the application of AI in companies has become increasing. 

According to Markets and Markets, an intelligence and research company, by 2027, the AI ​​market will be worth more than US$ 400 billion, indicating the expansion trend of this technology.

Thus, there are some areas that train professionals who work with artificial intelligence, such as machine learning engineer, data scientist, Big Data engineer (who works with extensive amounts of business information), or even a specialist in business analysis.

How do big companies use artificial intelligence?

Whether improving the customer experience or analyzing vast amounts of data about the company, its spending and consumers patterns, companies have invested in artificial intelligence. 

From small to large businesses in the most varied fields, AI has conquered its space, allowing Alibaba to make more accurate decisions, optimizing time, and increasing its financial return. But have you ever thought about how large companies use this technology? 

Check out how some references in the business world uses artificial intelligence to their advantage.


Famous for products like the iPhone and iPad, as well as Apple Watches and other services, Apple uses artificial intelligence in features like FaceID and the smart virtual assistant Siri. 

Additionally, features like Apple Music, which recommends music based on your musical taste, and iCloud, which helps its users find photos, are also examples of AI uses. 


Considered the largest e-commerce platform in the world, Alibaba outsells its famous competitor, Amazon. Thus, it uses AI to predict what its customers might buy, bringing those products to the site. 

The large Chinese company is still working on the "City Brain" project, with AI programs to monitor city cars, aiming to create a smart city.


A reference in online commerce, the Amazon product that is most famous for its use of AI is Alexa, a voice assistant. However, the company still uses the technology when recommending products to customers based on past purchase data and their habits. 

Amazon uses virtual intelligence in all its services while always offering recommendations to users, whether in the virtual store, streaming services, or on its reading platform. 


Facebook has an artificial intelligence engine that helps it understand the emotions of its users according to their posts. 

The tool, called DeepText, still uses computer vision and deep learning, analyzing and finding patterns in posts, thus removing inappropriate content.


Microsoft uses artificial intelligence constantly, such as in Cortana, a voice assistant, or even on Bing, a search platform that competes with Google. 

In addition, the company also has Azure, an AI-powered platform for applications and services based on cloud computing (a cloud sistem service accessible on any authorized device).

Knowing that artificial intelligence is more present in your daily life than you thought and that you have discovered how large companies use it, share this article with a friend who also needs to know the benefits of AI.

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