Counting items is a repetitive and tiring task. Potentialize this process quickly and efficiently just using cameras in your project!


Using Machine Learning and Computer Vision, our software can identify and count any item, from its production to its transportation. With the same technology, it can also count people, which could be used to optimize queues and estimate time in waiting rooms. Likewise, our software determines the number of animals on a farm and identifies the number of vehicles with the purpose of, for example, estimating the traffic in the street or the parking spaces of a parking lot.

All of that just by using cameras!


  • Greater control over production processes;
  • Collecting a large amount of information about your audience to be used in improving the service offered;
  • More dynamism in the process;
  • Result precision and reliability;
  • Much lower cost compared to traditional counting methods;
  • Information is the future of every business!

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