Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and Security

Have you ever thought about taking the customer experience to another level? With our solutions this is possible! Perform intelligent monitoring for your facility through data collection and analysis, further enhancing customer experience and security.


Facial recognition

Through image capture and processing, our software uses Machine Learning to detect facial patterns, which can be used to identify or register a person in your company's system.


  • Faster process in controlling the entry and exit of people;
  • Greater security for your company's employees and clients;
  • Registering new people in your system gets easier;
  • People identification with more precision;
  • Increased data collection, analysis, and processing.


Monitoring people:

Our algorithms can identify and monitor people's behavior, providing substantial data, such as waiting time, age group, and locations with greater concentration, further increasing the attractiveness of your products and services.



  • Ease in analyzing customer behavior;
  • Collecting, analyzing, and processing a large amount of data about your audience;
  • Efficiency improvement for the space used by your company;
  • Greater attractiveness for your products;
  • Increased sales.

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