Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm Development Services

We develop algorithmic solutions for machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, mobile, signal analysis, 3D computing, embedded systems and point cloud.

Algorithm Optimization: We offer services at any stage of the process or for the entire cycle

Apollo Solutions started by developing machine learning, deep learning and computer vision algorithms to create artificial intelligence and embedded systems.
As these services evolve, we’ve broken them down into three specific subservices to better meet your business needs:

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Discover our machine learning, outsourcing, Cloud DevOps, algorithm optimization, computer vision, and intelligence artificial development services and more.

Make your computer identify patterns in massive databases and perform predictive analysis with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.
Transfira tarefas, trabalhos, operações e processos para uma força de trabalho externa e especializada, reduzindo custos e potencializando resultado.
We use cloud tools and practices to increase the efficiency of your products and services development, improving the solution's quality and performance for your customers.
Com algoritmos programados e inteligentes, compare várias soluções possíveis identificando a opção ideal para o seu produto ou serviço.
Automate processes through videos and images auto visualization using computer vision and artificial intelligence. Deploy custom systems on cameras, servers, or in the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Algorithms are tools that are iteratively executed, capable of comparing several possible solutions, until the ideal option is found.

Algorithms are used to solve super complex mathematical problems. We are experts in creating and optimizing computer vision, machine learning , deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Algorism are the characters used to represent numbers. The algorithm, as far as it is concerned, can have several programming functions.

The algorithm must solve the problem in question. For this, it must be composed of well-defined and understood steps, solving and anticipating failures.

We manage all projects with confidentiality and exclusivity through a contract with our clients. We do not keep your data after the project, and we can process the data on the platform you choose, following your company's data confidentiality regulations. We develop customized and specific solutions for large companies throughout the world, thus we are familiar with HIPPA and GDPR.


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